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About Us

For Now, is Group Of Online & Offline Contributors Who are Trying to create an Organization to Fight the Digital Piracy. We Are Based In New Delhi (India) But We are Visible & Functional  Worldwide Using Our Website

What Do We Do – 

Spreading Awareness is the Best Weapon Against Piracy. We will be Running campaigns To Let People Know the Harsh Industry Killing Virus Known as “Piracy” . we will be  Reporting the Pirated sites to authorities & search Engines. Our Team Will Crawl The Web & Find the Websites Link that is Being Used to Download Or Watch Online the Pirated Content. We will be constantly Updating the Website List because Pirate Content Publisher Will Not Rest & They will evolve Since they had Tasted of the Piracy Money. In the Last 10 Years, Pirate Content Publishers have to Find Many Ways to Plant Virus, malware, ADware Or  Download Bundle Softwares to Your Device to Steal Identity, Personal Information & Internet behavior. 

How We Do It?

We Run Banner Ads Online campaigns Against Piracy, Find Places Where People Download the Pirated  Content & Let them Know the Bad Effects of Downloading Pirated Content From Web.

Our Mission – 

The mission is Crystal  Clear “Stop Piracy” In India & Worldwide. Thousands of People Lose Their Job In India Alone every year because of your Piracy. Film Industry is Taking Hit of Billion of Dollar Every Year Because of Piracy. We Must hail Against Piracy & Build An Beacon of Voice that Reminds People Benefit of Stopping the Piracy.

Next 5 Year Plan –

We want to establish Ourself As Antipiracy Digital Protector Who Helps Anyone & Everyone Fight Piracy. We may Spread Awareness Worldwide But For Now Next 5 Years Our Manual-Service Will be Available in India Cleaning Internet Streets. we aim to become the top Notch Firm AntiPiracy Firm Proving Service to Protect Digital Content. Let’s See What Happens Next …

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