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From watching TV for two to four hours a day to binge-watching series, today’s generation has come a long way. While yesteryears were easy as a single investment on cable would give you all the available options there is for entertainment, now it is not. We have complicated decisions to make, like which streaming channel to choose Amazon Prime vs Netflix. There are quite a number of paid OTT channels offering good content. Subscribing for all of them might seem an attractive option, but it may not be viable for everyone. Solution? Choose one.

According to a study, Netflix is marked as the most popular online streaming channel worldwide. On the other hand, Amazon Prime is the fastest-growing in the category. Netflix currently boasts of more than 150 million subscribers and Amazon Prime is crossing 40 million. You might wonder, that it’s not even a close call, but here’s the thing- Netflix came into being since 2007 whereas Amazon Prime started its services only from 2016. 

Honestly, the numbers are just the data, the real study is done on the ground. It clearly states that Amazon Prime and Netflix are the top two contenders in the online media streaming market. Ask 10 of your friends and you will find at least 60% of them, if not all, having a subscription to either of the OTT channels. But, the question becomes serious when it comes to choosing one. Because that brings us to another question- which one is better.

The answer to the same question may be different for different people. This is why we will not decide which one wins in the fight of Amazon Prime vs Netflix. Instead, we will help you to decide yourself. So let us get started with the job.

To begin with, what is the first thing that you look for in an OTT channel? CONTENT!

Amazon Prime vs Netflix Content

Both Amazon Prime and Netflix have gained this much popularity because of the content they provide. But there is an important factor to be considered. Is the content available on the channel of your choice? To find out, here is an analysis of the content available on Amazon Prime vs Netflix.

Amazon Prime has a great collection of movies and series but so is the case with Netflix. The difference lies in the type. Subscribing to Amazon Prime will give you access to most of the new movies and that too pretty soon but that would not be the case with Netflix. Amazon Prime has an amazing library of movies old and new, irrespective of time frames, genres, regions, and languages. 
Though Netflix too has a collection of movies released in theaters, the list is not that overwhelming in comparison with Amazon Prime. But, what Netflix wins at is Original Movies, always increasing and across genres. The number of regional content may be slightly disappointing but the quality, like always, remains uncompromised.

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In TV series, Netflix Originals is what made the channel so big. On the other hand, Amazon Prime features a big list of popular TV series. It also has an impressively growing list of Amazon Originals in different genres for various regions.


If you are looking for original content choose Netflix. It will not let you sleep and introduce you to the binge-watching practice. But if you are a movie buff then Amazon Prime is a better selection.
In short, Netflix wins for content curation and Amazon Prime for- bigger selection or availability.
The second important factor to judge Amazon Prime vs Netflix is the features. You should always spend time learning what you are paying for before actually paying for it.

Amazon Prime vs Netflix Features

Amazon Prime vs Netflix Features

Amazon Prime, comparatively new in the OTT segment, has gone through quite a few changes to finally settle down after looking similar to Netflix. Netflix, regarded as one of the pioneers in the online media streaming channels, boasts of an amazing UI. But, it’s just not the UI but also the algorithm that together added up to the user experience. Amazon Prime Video though had a not so impressive beginning doesn’t let you complain much now. 

  • Both platforms allow you to download movies and episodes for offline streaming, which remains available for 30-days.
  • Both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix allow multi-screen viewership. Depending on the plan you subscribe to, you will be able to access the respective channel on more than one-screen simultaneously.
  • Both these channels are compatible with most of the devices available for streaming, be it Xbox, Playstation, Roku, Smart TVs, Mobile or your computer browser.
  • Amazon Prime Video has some additional features that Netflix doesn’t have. Prime subscription can be used to get access to books, prime music, fast delivery, and exclusive sale other than just video content like Netflix.

Verdict- Amazon Prime Video clearly wins this round for the bundled up services that the Prime membership provides. But, if you judge them only as OTT channels then its a tie. 
Finally, the factor that plays a crucial role in the decision-making process is the price that you need to pay for the service. Because this is what brings us to the conclusion is it worth it?!

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Amazon Prime vs Netflix Price

Amazon Prime vs Netflix Price

The final and most important factor of consideration is the subscription price.

Amazon Prime Video Price, US– $119 per year and $12.99 per month in the US. It also offers special discounts for students. 

Amazon Prime Video Price, India– Rs. 999 per year and Rs. 129 per month.

Netflix Price, US- For the US viewers, there are only 3 plans and starts from $8.99 per month, but the standard plan that allows HD picture quality and 2 screen viewing costs $12.99 per month.

Netflix Price, India- Netflix offers four types of plans in India namely, mobile, basic, standard and premium. The mobile plan is priced at Rs. 199 per month and basic is at Rs. 499 but neither of these plans offers HD viewing. 

Free trial– Both allow free trial for a month (30 days).

Verdict- Amazon Prime is lighter on the pocket compared to Netflix and also pretty cost-effective.

Amazon Prime vs Netflix Final Verdict

After comparing the top two choices amongst the online media streaming platforms, Amazon Prime Video seems to have a little more edge compared to Netflix in terms of value addition. It is budget-friendly, has a larger selection of content and offers varied services. But, Netflix has its own standard which it shows in its content. 

Now that you know the factors to judge OTT channels on, our recommendation would be to utilize the free trials. Not of either but of both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video one by one to decide it yourself, which one to choose. When the idea is to binge-watch, why not experience it for free first?! Because nothing can be a better judge than a free tour for a month to know the real worth of an OTT platform. The true result of Amazon Prime vs Netflix.

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