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While downloading and streaming the latest movies did make a lot of newbies on the internet feel super skilled and amazing, the scene became a little different over time. Because why not? Once upon a time, it did take a lot of effort to not just find the sources which streamed the latest movies and download it for free. 

Disclaimer- All of the Information Provided here is For Critique, Reviews & Educational Purposes. We do not Support Or Encourage Piracy of any sort, Besides the Motive of this Website is to Share Awareness Against It. Use the Information given here on your own risk.

Today This Post we will Assist You to Know All about Fmovies & Its Inner Informations Such as –

  • Live Working Websites For Downloading & streaming
  • Similar Websites to Download Movies
  • Legal Way of Watching Movie In High Quality
  • Fmovies History, Popularity In Countries, Fmovies Proxys
  • Potential Side Effects & Harms of Using it

But all of that within the first week of the movie’s release. Because of this a certain person skilled at downloading free movies used to be extremely popular and in demand. Mostly guys, because till a few years back, the route to a girl’s heart or a free treat from other guys did go through a free copy of the latest movie. Do you remember the popularity of CDs and Pen Drives at one point in time? And how everyone would pass their flash drives to that one popular movie guy? But this is all 90s nostalgia. The reality is far different now.

No guy or girl in school or even college gets to become popular for similar reasons now. Because people either are subscribed to OTT channels and have moved from the craze for the latest movies to trending web-series on various popular video-on-demand media streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Or more prominently they are capable enough to stream and download the latest movies online for free. Reason? Thanks to the advent of social media the ease of streaming and downloading movies for free has become very very simple. It does not require skills like earlier days to reach these websites anymore.

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A Formal Introduction

FMovies is a name known for having a series of websites in the free movie zone on the internet. The websites under the banner provide links for free movie downloads and boast of embedded videos for free online streaming. But apart from the obvious, there are a few features that remain an integral part of all the websites under the same name, see below.


If you are one of those regular visitors of FMovies or even an occasional one, see how many features can you remember to have noticed and can tick off from the list below. 

  • Huge library across genres and languages be it Hollywood/Bollywood or Tollywood
  • Too many ads
  • Unnecessary redirects
  • Caution Alerts on redirect pages
  • Uncalled for downloads
  • Changing domain names
  • Blocked sites
  • Requirement of VPN
  • Redirects on porn sites
  • Multiple servers
  • Bad picture quality
  • Videos shot inside a theatre (person walking in the middle of the movie across the screen)
  • Website or web pages down frequently

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While each of the features, if looked upon, is peculiar in nature, and needs a bit of discussion for a better understanding of the reason behind it, let us first concentrate on the picture quality.

FMovies Websites
FMovies.Bar FMoviesc.Buzz

Picture Quality

The one thing that matters the most while watching a movie is the quality of the video. A Movie, be it the latest or not looks and feels nonsense when the quality is poor. It might not have been a big deal before when people had not experienced HD quality but now it seems intolerable. But, people who have visited and streamed movies on FMovies before can tell that at times the video and the sound quality is so poor that it can hardly be understood what’s running on the screen. 

But experts on the free movie sites say patience serves best as with time better versions of the same movie in terms of video quality is released on the website. This means the first copy of a movie generally a camrip maybe extremely degraded, but the second or the third copy of the same film may get better.  CamRip, DVDRip, HDRip, BluRay are the most common forms of quality available on FMovies and each of them is released in a different time frame. And this brings us to the source because we don’t generally see such variations in quality when watching the same movie in a Theatre, a TV screen or even other websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

FMovies: Movie Source

If we dig in a bit looking for the reason behind the variety of movie qualities available overtime, we will come to know that it is the process of shooting the movies that make all the difference. As for example, CamRips is the quality of movies shot at a theatre during a movie screening. The DVDRips is of course copied from the official DVDs of a film. The fun fact to know is that websites like FMovies are at a race to release the movie first and it continues even after releasing the CamRips. The race typically comes to an end after one of these sites releases a DVDRip. DVDRips are of great quality so people, in general, are satisfied after watching a movie in this quality and do not look for more. HDRips release even later and includes English subtitles. Which brings us to the reality that movies shown on the websites are not the real copies ever, they are copied versions of the originals. The process can’t be legal, can it? This is a clear case of piracy and FMovies that we have been discussing until now is nothing but a popular Movie Piracy Websites that is full of torrents to provide its users with. This fact somehow explains the frequent website blocks, isn’t it?

Website Restriction And Legal Liabilities

FMovies and all other websites with similar features make a business out of movie piracy. The websites distribute movies illegally going against Copyright laws that affect the business of the movie industry to a very large extent. After several complaints against the website, FMovies have been listed amongst the websites that promote movie piracy online and has been thus had been continuously blocked by governments of various countries and unlisted from the search engines. This also brings us to the use of VPNs. 

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network allows a user to browse on the internet without disclosing their real IP address. Result? Access to the websites that are blocked in your country without disclosing your location to the cyber cell. Hackers and Cyber Criminals are known to use VPNs the most for illegal purposes but that doesn’t mean that none of them are caught. So, is it worth taking the risk?

Almost all countries across the globe have their own copyright laws to protect the interest of authors and makers of literary, dramatic, artistic and musical works along with sound records and cinematograph films. Movie piracy directly breaks the law and attacks the interest of the makers. To curb the issue not only are the Movie Pirates considered as lawbreakers but also the viewers encouraging movie piracy by viewing pirated movies. Some countries are so strict about their copyright laws and movie piracy that they issue a warning to viewers at first and if caught again then lawsuits are filed against them. 

Movie Piracy, in short, is a punishable offense that can come at a cost of fines typically a large amount (a few lakhs in India) and imprisonment for a few years(up to 3 years in India). But while we reasoned out the frequent blocks of FMovies, the re-emergence of the same website becomes a confusion. How can a blocked website be unblocked again if it is illegal? 

Rogue and Hydra-Headed Rogue Websites

There are different kinds of websites on the internet. The sites that are engaged in unethical and illegal practices are considered rogue. Rogue website is a term particularly used by the legal authorities to describe websites like FMovies, involved in movie piracy business. On the other hand, Hydra-Headed Rogue Websites are websites of a similar kind but in an advanced stage. These websites are mirror images of the original websites that keep coming back on the internet with a slight change in the domain name. Sounds familiar, isn’t it? The story of FMovies and likes. This explains the changing domain names of the same website.

But what it doesn’t explain is the reason. Despite the regular actions to block the website, why do the administrators also known as the movie pirates keep bringing the website back on the internet? As it can be well understood that if caught, they will be in for big trouble. The question is why would sane people take so much of risk and not just once but again and again? What do they earn?

Earning Source

Websites like FMovies or any other torrent sites have some typical features as listed above. But, the ones we are concerned about in this section are the multiple redirects, downloads from banner ads and too many popup ads on the websites. One has to understand that the popularity of FMovies and similar torrent websites lie in the fact that they give you an illegal but free privilege to download new movies. But, the harsh reality of the time is nothing comes for free and most importantly, the Movie Pirates wouldn’t have taken so much of risk to provide free value without any self-interest.

The unknown fact behind the websites is that they earn revenue by distributing click-through ads and malware. The redirects that take you to multiple porn sites are typical examples of click-through ads and any type of download that is either done automatically or induced manually is an attempt to distribute malware. Outdated Adobe Flash Drive is a classic case. Antivirus needed to protect your device is another example. The problem is that no one notices that the message does not come from the official website of the software because the domain names are picked up carefully to match the software names. 

You must be thinking about how large can the revenue from these sources be that despite getting blocked within a few days, it is encouraged to come back for another round every time. The revenue is calculated on the basis of per clicks and per download. Thanks to social media apps like Telegram, Facebook and Twitter that the websites can make use of groups and channels to reach a huge number of audiences within minutes. The high traffic on these websites is what the Movie Pirates make a business of.

Malware and virus are scary little things for your computer for three very important reasons, first, it can steal all your personal information that includes saved data on your device and can aid in hacked social media profiles, email accounts, bank theft and loss of personal media. Second, your device can be in control of another administrator which can eventually lock you out of your own device and restrict your control. Third, a very common symptom of a malware attack on a system is malfunctioning software.

By now, you must have understood that FMovies is absolutely not safe to browse be it on legal grounds or for the safety of your devices. This brings us to the end of the article and the real question.

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Finally, Should You Be Visiting FMovies?

Depending on where you reside, the laws against copyright can be different and so the strictness but that doesn’t change the fact that these websites are into unethical business and are extremely unsafe for your device. Learn Why You say No to the Piracy

I hope this Answers All of Your Questions Related FMovies & Its websites. Do let us Know if you Need more information on it.

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