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Netflix vs Disney+ is a worrying thought that if not already then soon going to bother many digital viewers. With the arrival of Disney+ in the OTT market which despite being saturated shook the industry with its announcement itself. While a few considered the reason for the extreme excitement was the renowned name finally entering the media-streaming industry, some others felt it was the super cheap price. But the real question is, with that level of buzz already, would it be able to beat Netflix? Let’s get our hands dirty and find out the real reality.

While Netflix is a seasoned veteran, Disney+ is a celeb-child newcomer whose initial pictures were enough to make it look like a blockbuster hit. But it is a little too soon to judge. The real competition is not the anticipating stage but it starts after the launch. This is why it is time to judge and find out answers to the two most important questions prevailing right now regarding Disney+.  While the first is whether Disney+ is really as big and promising as it seemed initially; the second and the rather more significant question is whether it’s better than the OTT giant Netflix or not.
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Given the tough competition between the two, there are so many users who are in a dilemma. Whether to create another hole in the pocket adding up a new subscription or simply replace Netflix with Disney+. You are not the only one with similar questions in mind, you can chill for now as there are many sailing the same ship with you but don’t Netflix yet. Because you need to find out whether your chilling partner will continue to be Netflix or will you be going to dates with Disney+. To help you decide better we have done a Netflix vs Disney+ comparison on various segments that needs the most amount of consideration while investing on an OTT platform. Let us move on to them.

Netflix vs Disney+: Overview

Let us begin from the beginning itself. It would be wrong if we don’t give you a little history here because a little background at times is required to set the base right. Starting with Netflix, it was founded in the year 1997 as a DVD rental service. However, the company chose to trend with the digitization and moved a step ahead by extending their business into an online streaming video subscription service. But what is truly commendable about the platform that continues to increase its popularity even now is its consistency in the quality department. A major reason behind the sprawling 160 million subscribers (till Dec 2019), the OTT channel boasts of.

On the other hand, the numbers are pretty small with Disney+. We are talking about around 30 million subscribers. But here, the numbers don’t count, as the platform hasn’t even completed its first fiscal year and is only a few months old. Disney+ got launched in November 2019, which is very recently in comparison and is owned by The Walt Disney Company. Yes, the name that kind of brings our childhood back. Walt Disney is enough to stir excitement amongst people across all ages because of its much popular film studio division that includes Pixar, Marvel Studios, 20th Century Studios, etc. Would it be fair to give a verdict on Netflix vs Disney+ based on their introduction? We have something anyways.

Netflix vs Disney+ Verdict

Considering the number of subscribers it has gained within its first few months of entry in a competitive market, Disney+ seems to have a pretty promising future. Stating a clear verdict would be really unfair in this segment as neither can they both be given a tie position nor can Netflix be placed as a winner given the tough competition Disney+ has given the platform within months. What do you think? We think it would be better to judge the platforms on other scales than numbers for now. Happy now??
Let us leave our emotions attached to both of these popular names right here before continuing. Because coming up is some serious talking and our biased behavior is not going to help.

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Netflix vs Disney+: Content

See! We told you it’s going to get serious. It is rightly said, content is the king as there is nothing more important than that in an OTT platform. Because it is what you spend your precious money on.

Netflix boasts of 6000+ titles across varied genres that include action, adventure, horror, comedy, anime, and whatnot. What really impresses its ardent followers is the content curation in every category. Netflix Originals have been getting critical acclamation and record number of prestigious awards over the years which has popularized the platform all the more. Along with the most-talked-about Netflix Originals that includes both movies and series, it is the collection of classics like Friends, Narcos, House of Cards, Daredevil that make Netflix such a favorite amongst Netizens.

Coming to Disney+, it looks promising because of its ability to host movies from Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and many more. But despite the anticipation, Disney+ turned out to be less than impressive because of its less than average library. Although The Walt Disney Company boasts of a huge list of movies given the number of subsidiaries it owns, the OTT platform owned by the company doesn’t showcase many. The numbers are largely limited as a contrast to the high expectations. But, if reports are to be believed the numbers are increasing and Disney+ is going to get the sole distribution rights for all future Disney projects, including Marvel and Starwars.

However, the present doesn’t seem that interesting. Apart from giving a blast from the past with series and movies like High School Musical Series, Star Wars, Spiderman, Thor, etc. Disney+ seems to be more of a good choice for the kids at home. 

Netflix vs Disney+: Verdict on Content

Disney+ may have a promising future with exclusive rights of all its movies and even turn the game but right now there is a big but that lays interfering in our decision. Based on the current reality, Netflix wins this round clearly both in terms of quality and numbers.

Netflix vs Disney+: Price

Netflix vs Disney+ Price

The next most important factor is the price, isn’t it? Many of our decisions change after coming to this factor, isn’t it? Let’s cross our fingers and find out which of these platforms are planning to keep our pockets healthy and happy.

Netflix has three plans to offer to its viewers. The cheapest being the basic plan is priced at $8.99/month. The other two plans, Standard and Premium are priced at $12.99 and $15.99 respectively. Apart from restrictions in the number of screens, the plans differ in picture quality as well. To view in 4K Ultra HD across 4 screens, you will need to purchase a premium plan.

Disney+, on the other hand, has only two plans to offer. While the basic is priced at $6.99 per month which will give you access to the OTT channel completely, the other is a Bundle package. The Disney+ bundle gives you access to Hulu and ESPN at $13

Netflix vs Disney+: Verdict on Price

Don’t be embarrassed if you are drooling already, because it is the Disney+ price and the Disney+ Bundle that made Netizens go crazy. Netflix in comparison has always been an expensive affair, especially when compared to its competitors, while Disney+ is pocket-friendly. But it is not the price of Disney+ that is taking the world by a sweep because after comparing the content, the reason behind the price difference can be well understood. It is the price of the Disney+ bundle instead that makes the newcomer OTT channel win this round. The bundle that includes almost everything one wants to see on television is priced less than the Netflix Premium plan. 

Didn’t we tell you, Price can change our plans completely? It is okay if you planning to switch already but hold on. There is more to compare, you still don’t know all the aspects yet.

Netflix vs Disney+: Availability

here was a reason why we told you not to decide and flow as of yet in the last section. The reason is you don’t know yet whether Disney+ is available in your area yet. Its time to old your heart but not your breath, please continue breathing. 

Netflix is accessible globally leaving a few exceptions like Syria, Crimea, North Korea, and Mainland China. The reason behind its global fandom. But, Disney+ is only available to the people of the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands as of now and have plans to launch in few other countries soon. 

Netflix vs Disney+: Verdict on Availability

Clearly, Netflix wins the round with no comparison to Disney+. But, the happy news is that Disney+ is extending its arms pretty fast and if you are in the team Disney+ then be patient till its arrival. But if you are in the team Netflix, don’t worry because Netflix is not going to go anywhere. 

Netflix vs Disney+: Free Trial

Free trial might not seem that important in our judgment but Netflix users(also you, if you are one) will know that it does play an important role in making you a continuing user. For many users, it has been the one month free trial period of Netflix that taught them the real meaning of Binge and Chill. Nothing can be a better deciding factor than your experience. You really have to see and use the OTT to find out whether it truly meets your expectations or not. So while Netflix allows you to wander for free for a complete month, Disney+ limits your free streaming to a week. 

Netflix vs Disney+: Verdict on Free Trial

Netflix wins. But it is just not the number of days that it truly wins for. A lot of people might argue, how much time does it take to judge an OTT platform? But an important thing to consider is the algorithm. Every OTT platform has enough content that cannot be streamed in a day or two, but what really changes our experience is the interface. It is the algorithm of the OTT channel that reads your preferences and likes and starts suggesting to you the content that you can’t turn down. This begins your journey of a binging addict. The interface works better with time and impacts the user experience. The reason why Netflix has been excellent with converting or turning trial users into paid subscribers.


Netflix vs Disney+: Final Verdict

Based on the five points, we made the Netflix vs Disney+ comparison on, Netflix has come out as a clear winner. But a lot of things change when you go for a free trial. Despite Netflix coming out as a true winner and a better choice right now, Disney+ looks very promising. The problem right now with Disney+ is that it is too new. But with a larger content library as the plans are if reports are to be believed and geographical expansion, Disney+ may soon be influencing Netflix users for a switch. Yet, it deserves to get consideration because of the bundle package it offers for the US citizens. Because there can be nothing over value for money right, right?

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