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पायरेसी एक ऐसा विषय है जिससे दुनिया प्रभवित है परन्तु सम्भवता इंडिया से ज्यादा प्रभावित देश और कोई दूसरा नहीं है. आज का यह आर्टिकल उन तमाम बातो को समझने में आपकी मदद करेगा जो आप पायरेसी की बारे में जान सकते है. हमारी वेबसाइट का उद्देश्य है जनमानस में पायरेसी के प्रति जागरूकता को फैलाना और पायरेसी को बढ़ने से रोकना हैं | 

पायरेसी की परिभाषा , पायरेसी क्या है और पायरेसी कितने प्रकार की होती है यह सब  पोस्ट में पता चल जायगा और एक गौरवांवित हिंदुस्तानी होने के नाते य आपका फर्ज है की आप पायरेसी की विरुद्ध इस लड़ाई में हमारा साथ दे. पर उससे पहले चलिए जानते है  है क्या बला ? सबसे पहले इसकी परिभाषा को समझते है 

In this digital world, piracy is one of the significant concerns and has a considerable impact on modern business. Typically piracy refers to the unauthorized copying, selling and sharing of copyright protected digital data.

What is Piracy Definition?

In the early times, the term piracy is related to the robbery or attacking ship that is executed by the pirates. But in these days, piracy can be defined as the unauthorized reproduction and circulation of the data on the internet such as videos, images, music, software, content, etc.

Types of Digital Piracy:

In simple words, a duplicating and illegal circulation of any digital work or media is called digital piracy. Digital Piracy can be categorized into 3 main types which are given below.

Digital Piracy

Music Piracy:

Duplicating, downloading or the circulation of recordings or tunes which are having the copyrights of the owner or recording company can be considered as music piracy.

The latest online survey states that more than one-third of the music listeners around the world are listening to pirated music. People often download pirated musical content from YouTube with a low bit rate. Apart from YouTube, there are several sites available in the market from which the user can download pirated music for free of cost.

Video Piracy:

Illegal or prohibited recordings and replication of commercial videos or movies can be considered as video piracy. Usually, the film producer will sell the film copyright to third party channels after 6 weeks but the pirates’ record the movie in the studio/theater and circulate and sell it in an unlawful way. Just like the music, users can download pirated copies of newly released movies from multiple sites available online.

video piracy

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Software Piracy:

Violating the terms provided in the software license agreement and using, circulating it in an unauthorized way is called as software piracy. There are various subtypes of the software piracy given below.


It is an unlawful act that includes acquiring, sharing, marketing any content or product which has the copyrights. These products can be made available in the grey market for free or comparatively for the lower cost than original. The selling of the compact disc which includes pirated software and their user manuals or recently released movies and music are the common ways of counterfeiting.

Internet Piracy:

In this type of piracy, a user downloads the paid software from the internet for free of cost. Before using any of the paid software like ms office or antivirus a user needs to purchase it and it often comes in a compact disc form. Previously the BSS (bulletin board system) is the only place where users can download the software in the local area. But now, there are thousands of sites available online by visiting which user can download the full version or cracked version of the paid software. The auction sites which sell the unauthorized software and the software available on the peer to peer network sites are the other forms of online piracy.

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End-user Piracy:

When an individual user purchases any commercial software he needs to agree with the end-user license agreement document. It typically includes that users can install the original software on a single computer or system. In the end-user piracy type, the user violates this license agreement and shares or installs the license copy of the software on multiple machines. End-user piracy can be executed in multiple from like installing license copy of the software on many devices, reproducing software installation disc and their sharing, Upgrading the unlicensed software program in discounted rate or offers from companies, Using commercial software without a license in an unauthorized way, illegal selling or renting of disc outside the workspace, etc.

Hard-disk loading:

It is when the retailer or the tradesman is installing or loading unauthorized software and programs on the newly purchased laptops or desktop systems. Most often the windows operating system or MS office software which user gets on newly purchases system are pirated and it is under the hard-disk loading piracy.

Client-server overuse:

Almost all the companies are using the client-server architecture in their workspace where users can purchase and install original software copy on the server and use the same on multiple client systems. Client-server overuse piracy happens when a user is having a large number of clients than the upper limit using the software installed on a single server.

Effect of Digital piracy:

As the use of computers and the internet is increasing in day to day life, the problem of piracy is growing in considerable form rapidly across the globe. It has a significant impact on businesses and the economy. It has the two factors the effect on the publishers and the effects on the users who illegally distribute the digital content.

We all know that a lot of efforts, creativity are needed to develop fully working software. Due to piracy, the IT and software industry is having a notable loss on their revenue. The online survey says that 36% of software and programs used in today’s computer are pirated or stolen.

If we consider the entertainment industry they are also suffering from the issues of piracy. Any person who is having the full speed of internet connection can download any newly launched entertainment videos, movies, music with a few clicks in minutes.

When a new entertainment movie, music or books release in the market, the Digital pirates obtain and make it available to download online. Due to this the views prefers to watch the pirated movie on their device rather than going theater. All this is having a significant impact on the success rate of the entertainment product and directly reduces the earning of the producers, directors and all the working team of the movie. It also influences the revenue of the theater.

As the creator is not getting the expected profit from publishing the media content or developing software the government receives the lower amount of the tax from the creators and developers which indirectly affect the economy of the state.

On the other hand, the pirates might get a high amount of profit by pirating and streaming the media content and software but they need to face several legal as well as economic consequences if caught. The copyright holder might demand compensation for the leaking or distribution of their content.

Most of the pirates are circulating the malicious content into the user’s system with the download links of the pirated media content. The user which uses pirated software often notices serious bugs in their system which is unable to repair. So the users need to be more careful while downloading and using this pirated content as they can damage your system and might use your confidential data from the device.

How to prevent piracy:

Numerous laws like information act, trademark acts are made across the globe to limit piracy problem. These laws are not enough to prevent piracy so here are certain ways to prevent piracy. These ways cannot end piracy totally but can lower the piracy crime rate across the world.

  1. Offer the eBooks, software and media content in the realistic charges. 
  2. The government can instruct the internet service providers to block and restrict the user’s access permanently from the website which hosts the pirated content.
  3. Most often some person from the production or the development team is pirating content for making a profit. Good coordination in the team or different industries can lower the rate of piracy.
  4. Always Buy Antivirus Protection From Official Website Or Trusted Vendor & Don’t Use Crack Codes to cheat With the Premium Version of Softwares.

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Interesting Facts Abot Piracy

  • 39% of software installed on PCs is pirated.
  • 24% of the internet is used to download illegal content.
  • 4 billion pages are generated by video streaming sites.
  • 191 Billion piracy website visits have been made Only in 2016.
  • 70 % of internet users Belevae that Nothing Wrong in Online Piracy
  • 75 % of the computers have at least 1-2 illegal copy of Software Or Copyrighted Content
  • Minimum $4 Billion Dollars are Lost In Revenue Because of Online Piracy
  • 80% of the Music Downloaded From the internet is Pirated.
  • Almost Every 2nd Torrent Found on the internet is illegal as of Now

Note – The effort of Amazon, Netflix, Youtube, Hulu & internet Providers & Some Other Big Firms Offering free Or Subscription Based Legal Streaming of music is cutting down the Numbers but still it’s too big.

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