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Do you remember the time when missing one episode of your serial made you curse the whole world? Or secretly praying to find your favorite movie on one of the TV channels? Did you ever roll your eyes at the annoyingly long commercial breaks? All of these seem to be a distant memory, isn’t it? Like it never happened. All thanks to the 12 best-streaming sites existing today. 

The transition was so easy and effortless that we did not realize much. From books to TV, TV to cable TV; from regional channels to international channels, TV to CDs. Free downloads to free trials of online streaming services and slowly to subscription. It’s all cool and happening till it’s free, confusion starts when the time to pay for the services arrives. 

A common question seems to bother many, which one to choose? There are so many claiming to be the best streaming sites, that it is absolutely normal for you or anybody to get confused about whose subscription plan to buy. Understanding this issue we decided to bring you a list of 12 best-streaming sites.  

The list is not just to introduce you to the best streaming sites available on the internet today, it has more to offer. We are aware of the present scenario, where even the people claiming to be technically handicapped depend on the online streaming sites. Thus, this article takes a step ahead, studying and analyzing each of the best streaming sites only to help you to come to a decision. 

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Sounds interesting? Why waste time then?!  Let’s get started.

12 Best Streaming Sites

1. Netflix

Netflix is the name that comes first to mind when we think of the best streaming sites but the question is why?! Since its inception as an online streaming site in 2010 Netflix has maintained its image that resonates with novelty and quality. 

Worldwide Access

One of the best things about the streaming site is its availability throughout the world leaving very few exceptions like Mainland China, Syria, North Korea, and Crimea. 


These are exclusive content that is produced, co-produced or distributed on Netflix and Netflix alone. The journey of Netflix Originals that started from 2011 with House of Cards is what makes the OTT channel so popular. Though exclusive content is something that you will find on almost all OTT channels, the specialty of Netflix is the quality. You will never be disappointed.

Whatever your favorite genre be, Netflix will keep you up at night with an untold story. This is the reason why despite the high price(comparatively), the popularity of Netflix keeps increasing. Saying that the OTT channel also has an exclusive pocket-friendly mobile plan for Indian users.

And because almost all the best streaming sites can be accessed on multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TV,  gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation and Digital Media Players, there is no point in taking this as a consideration. But, one point that may be considered while judging Netflix is its limitations in the sports genre. 

You may find documentaries on Sports personalities but won’t find any recorded or live match on the channel be it cricket, football, basketball or tennis. Now that we know almost everything to consider about Netflix, let’s just make a short note of all the pros and cons we came across. 


  • Curated Content
  • Content across genres
  • Original movies and TV series
  • Budget mobile plan for Indians
  • Worldwide access


  • No sports
  • Limited regional content 
  • Expensive compared to the others in the list

Popular Web Series(English) – Stranger Things, Orange Is the New Black, The Umbrella Academy, House of Cards, Narcos, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Breaking Bad, Friends, Lucifer, etc. 

Netflix Popular Web Series(Indian) – Sacred Games, Bard of Blood, Delhi Crime, Little Things Season 3, Ghoul.

Netflix Movies – Lust Stories, The Kissing Booth, The King, Sierra Burgess is a loser, Mute, Roma, To all the boys I’ve loved before, Bird Box, etc. 

Plan Range- Plans start from Rs. 199/$12.99 USD per month

USP– Quality Content Curation

2. Amazon Prime Video

The next name that easily hits our mind while considering 12 Best Online Streaming Services is Amazon Prime Video. And there is more than one reason to bring this name to the top. Apart from being the top online shopping destination across countries, Amazon easily became one of the best streaming sites because of the Prime advantage. 

Prime Bundle

Amazon Prime as we know is a membership plan for the loyal customers of Amazon who upon buying it can avail special sale, fast and free deliveries on the shopping site. But that is not all,  Amazon Prime members open a whole new world of entertainment. Free music on Amazon Music, books on Kindle and an unlimited list of movies and web series both original and popular on Prime Video. One of the best streaming sites indeed.

Prime Video Sports

The Prime bundle definitely adds up as an advantage while considering Amazon Prime as an option. But the point where it fails miserably is its inability to satisfy sports fans. Just like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video is also going to keep you disappointed on a match day. But wait, Amazon has already started working on it. Along with some documentaries and shows in the sports genre, Prime video has introduced Live sports in a few countries like the UK. It means people in other countries can keep their fingers crossed because Amazon Prime Video, too is accessible worldwide with the same exceptions, let us concentrate on the content it has to offer. So while Netflix is known for the quality, Prime video beats every other OTT platform in numbers with its huge library of both web series and Movies.


If you are looking for original content will not be disappointed with Amazon Prime Video. In fact, you will find quite a good mix of English and regional original content on the channel which can be considered as an advantage. With that, it’s time to list our findings on rank no. 2 of the best streaming sites. 


  • Huge Library
  • Good mix of Regional and English content
  • A great collection in every genre
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Prime Bundle
  • Worldwide access
  • Prime Video Sports (limited countries)


  • No quality promise
  • Sports not available to all countries
  • Limited original movies

Popular Web Series(English) – 

Jack Ryan, Suits, Modern Love, The Widow,  Fleabag, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Person of Interest, The Vampire Diaries, Young Sheldon, etc. 

Amazon Prime Video Popular Web Series(Indian) – The forgotten army-Azadi ke liye, The family man, One mic stand, Mirzapur, Comicstaan, Four more shots please, Made in heaven, Inside Edge, Breathe, etc. 

Amazon Prime Video Movies – Troop Zero, Safe House, Harry Potter, At the Devil’s Door, Marjaavan, Blackmail, The Expendables, The Report,  Helen, etc. 

Plan Range- Rs.129/mo and Rs.999/year (India) USD 13/mo and $119/year (United States)
USP– Quantity

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3. Hotstar

Available in India, United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, Hotstar despite having limited geographical access ranks high on the list of best-streaming sites. The reason is its content. 

If you are a resident of any of the four countries, consider Hotstar as an option. While the OTT channel does have a free ad-supported version but the content available is limited to Star India channels. Magic happens when you pay for the Hotstar Premium subscription.

With the premium subscription, Hotstar gives you access to all original series of HBO, Showtime, Hooq, Sony Pictures, and Warner Bros along with its own content. Do you get the message?? 

Popular Shows

We are talking about Game of Thrones, Sex And The City, Chernobyl, Avenues, Mrs. Fletcher, The Outsider, Sharp Objects from HBO originals. We also mean The Affair, Billions, Black Monday, Grey’s Anatomy, Big Bang Theory, Supergirl, Arrow, The Mentalist and the list can go on and on.

But the story doesn’t end here. Hotstar stands out as an OTT channel in our list of best-streaming sites because not only does it support many other entertainment channels but it also includes sports and news channels. But none of this stops Hotstar from producing original web series for the OTT channel. So,  let’s sum it up in short. 


  • Content Mix-up Regional and International 
  • Multiple Channels
  • News and Sports
  • Original Content of other channels
  • Free ad-supported version (India only) 


  • Available-only 4 countries
  • No original movies
  • Expensive monthly plan

Hotstar Popular Web Series(Indian) – Tanhaiyaan, The Office, Kasauti Zindagi Kay, Malgudi Days, etc.

Hotstar Movies – Chhichhore, Avengers, Gumnaami, 27 Dresses, The Aftermath and many more. 

Plan Range- Rs. 299/mo and Rs. 999/year, $9.99 per month

USP– Channels

4. Disney+

Next up on our list of the 12 best-streaming sites is Disney+. One name that we grew up with. Though it’s synonymous with cartoons and animations, Disney grew with us and has a lot to offer in the entertainment category. The reason why even within months of Disney+ entering the OTT industry, it boasts of over 10million users on its platform. 

Let us find out why! The OTT platform offers its users content from not just Disney and Pixar but also National Geographic, 20th Century Studios, Marvel, ABC Studios,  Freeform, 20th Century Fox Television, and Lucasfilm. 

One of the restrictions that come with this OTT platform is access. Disney+ is only available for the audiences in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands, and Canada. While location can be a problem, the content range is not that impressive as well compared to that of others. However, the content on Disney+ is unique and truly original and comes at an affordable price, thus, it is amongst the best streaming sites.


  • Great animation library
  • Can be an amazing choice for Kids


  • Less content compared to the above three
  • No news and sports
  • Accessible in 5 countries only. 
  • Limited options
  • No regional reach thus no content

Popular Web Series(English) – 

The Mandalorian, High School Musical, What if, Encore, Love, Simon,  etc. 

Disney+ Popular Web Series(Indian) – N/A

Disney+ Movies – Lady and the Tramp, Noelle, Smart House, Fuzzbucket, etc. 

Plan Range- $6.99/month and $69.99/year

USP– Disney Special (Animation, Super Heroes, Sci-fi)

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5. HBO Now

Only available to the audience of the United States, HBO Now is an app for cord-cutters, unlike HBO Go which requires TV subscription. You must be wondering why it is named in the list of 12 best streaming sites despite the accessibility limitations! 

The answer is content quality. A recent example would be the Game of Thrones, an enigma that took over almost the entire planet. This is what happens when the content is good.


  • Curated quality content
  • Good mix of HBO Original Movies and series
  • Light on the pocket


  • Geographical Restrictions
  • No regional reach,  no regional content
  • No news and sports
  • Heavy on the pocket

Popular Web Series(English) – 

GOT, Westworld, Big Little Lies, Watchmen, Silicon Valley, Succession, etc. 

HBO NOW Popular Web Series(Indian) – N/A

HBO NOW Movies – Leaving Neverland,  Gotti, Taking Chance, Sex and the City, Entourage, etc. 
Plan Range- $14.99/month USD 

USP– Quality Content

6. YouTube Premium

Though there is YouTube TV, an OTT service available to the American audience, we are listing up YouTube Premium instead, on our list of the best streaming sites. 

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription service that gives you access to the video-sharing platform free of ads. But why would you pay for just going ad-free?! Because there is more to the YouTube Premium, there is exclusive original content just like other OTT channels and an additional entry pass to the YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming and YouTube Kids apps complementary. 

What really sets YouTube apart from all others is the variety and the numbers that even Amazon Prime Video can’t break. 


  • Huge video library
  • News and Sports
  • Live
  • Regional and international content
  • Available in 81 countries
  • Free version available


  • No content curation

Popular Web Series(English) – 

Single by 30, Matpat’s Game Lab, Kings of Atlantis, etc. 

YouTube Popular Web Series(Indian) – Permanent Roommates, Tripling, Pitchers, Alisha, Girl in the city, The Trip, etc. 

YouTube Movies – Apart from the ones released commercially on-screen,  YouTube offers a huge library of short and long films across varied genres. 

Plan Range- Rs. 129/mo and $11.99/month 

USP– Variety+Quantity

7. Hulu

Hulu is the name that always comes up in the list of the best streaming sites. Wondering why?! It’s the user base. Hulu is huge in the United States, But Hulu is not Netflix. Though the provider has originals to offer, it won’t let you binge-watch because episodes are released once a week. However, its library of TV series and Movies is quite impressive, which is a big reason for its popularity.

Hulu’s live service is what gives its users access to the huge number of channels available on the network. The OTT service is a particular favorite for home connections, and why not! From movies, series, to news, live sports, and even cartoons, this one comes with a whole package with the likes and dislikes for the complete family. A major reason behind being counted as one of the best streaming sites. 


  • Impressive library
  • Live TV
  • Family package- All types of channels
  • Cheapest OTT platform


  • No content curation
  • Only available to the US citizens
  • No regional reach-No regional content

Popular Web Series(English) – 

Casual,  Veronica Mars, Shrill, The Handmaid’s Tale, Pen15, etc. 

Hulu Popular Web Series(Indian) – N/A

Hulu Movies – Little Monsters, Minding the Gap,  Fyre Fraud, The Beatles- 8 days a week, Untouchables, Becoming the Bond, etc. 

Plan Range- $5.99/month 

USP– Live TV(Channels) + Budget Friendly

8. Sony Crackle

Another only American OTT channel that has made to the list of 12 Best Streaming Sites and you will soon know the reason why. The name itself is a giveaway that the platform is a subsidiary of the Sony Entertainment Network which means you get to see all the shows and movies produced by the Entertainment house.

But, what else? Despite having a geographic limitation, what it really wins at is the price. It comes at a $0 price. An OTT channel that’s free but comes with all the features that any paid OTT channel provides straight from popular movies and TV series to Original content, Sony Crackle is clearly at a win-win spot.


  • Impressive library
  • Free


  • No Sports & News
  • Only available to the US citizens
  • No regional reach-No regional content

Popular Web Series(English) – The Art of More, StartUp, Chosen, Cleaners, Woke up Dead, The Oath, etc.

Sony Crackle Popular Web Series(Indian) – N/A

Sony Crackle Movies – Can Hardly Wait, Take Shelter and Movies from Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, Screen Gems, Sony Pictures Classics, Funimation, and Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions.

Plan Range- $0

USP– Free

9. Popcornflix

Talking about free TV and Movies? Popcornflix deserves a mention in the list of the Best Streaming sites. With the same limitations as Sony Crackle, Popcornflix too is only accessible to the United States and Canada. 

But, despite the limitations what the OTT channel stands tall with is its huge library of Movies and TVs that even includes original content. But, unlike other OTT platforms, Popcornflix has a designated section for the Viral clips as well which assures that you are never bored and out of entertainment whatever your taste be.


  • Huge Library
  • Good mix of Originals and Classics
  • A great collection for Kids as well
  • Free


  • No Sports & News
  • Accessible to US and Canada only
  • No regional reach-No regional content
  • Less of recent and updated content

Popular Web Series(English) – Penance, Hunter, Hidden Heroes, Kingdom, Fight Club, Hell’s Kitchen, Beaver Falls, Chillers, Popeye, Animal Tales, and so much more.

Popcornflix Popular Web Series(Indian) – N/A

Popcornflix Movies – 10,000 Saints, Food, Inc., Goon, Coherence, Red Christmas, Malicious Intent, Journey, Tucker & Dale vs Evil, Four Lovers, 28 Hotel Rooms and continued to an endless list.

Plan Range- $0

USP– Free

10. Tubi

Another free OTT platform listed in the best streaming sites for the US audience that extends its access to a few more countries like Canada, UK, and Australia. With a huge library of movies and TV series, what it really stands out with is the range of Documentaries it has to offer, spread across varied genres. 

Boasting of more than 15,000 titles, Tubi can be watched by varied age groups given the variety in its content.


  • Over 15,000 titles across varied genres
  • A great collection for Kids as well
  • Free


  • No Sports & News
  • Accessible to the US, Canada, Uk, and Australia only
  • No regional reach-No regional content
  • No original content

Popular Web Series(English) – Loving till it hurts, Old Head, The Heiresses, The Back Pages, On The Ropes, Matter of Justice, etc.

Tubi Popular Web Series(Indian) – N/A

Tubi Movies – Blue my mind, The Edge, Going to America, Prey, Buffed Up, Forget me not, etc.

Plan Range- $0

USP– Free

11. Viu

Next up on our list of Best Streaming Sites is Viu. Here is one OTT channel that is not accessible to neither the US audience nor the audiences of the UK, and not even Australia. Viu rather is the biggest content provider in Asia. 

Korean Drama in recent years was seen picking up a lot of popularity, especially amongst women. Viu is the epicenter of the Korean Dramas that is being talked about so much. Do you know someone who drools over Korean stars? Thank your stars if you don’t have one because they somehow won’t stop praising their talents, be it their dance, song or even their skin. But, if you are one amongst them then Viu is the place for you. 

However, ranked amongst the 12 best-streaming sites, Viu is not just about Korean dramas. The Over The Top, on-demand media streaming sites also boasts of a good amount of regional content. Just for the information, according to a study in 2018 Viu had over 30 million monthly active users.


  • Korean Dramas
  • Original Regional Content
  • Multi-language dubbed Korean content
  • Free and Paid content


  • No Sports & News
  • Accessible to Asian countries only
  • No English original content
  • Movie collection-not very impressive

Popular Web Series(English) – Very few, but mostly Korean Dramas with English subtitles, etc.

Viu Popular Web Series(Indian) – XYX, Situationship, Spotlight, Chhaliya, Gehraiyaan, etc.

Viu Movies – Bollywood and Tollywood Movies

Plan Range- Rs. 99/mo and 

USP– Korean Drama

12. Alt Balaji

A completely Indian OTT channel, founded by Balaji Telefilms. And of course, Balaji Telefilms means Ekta Kapoor serials. So all the Indian family soaps fans, say Hi to the platform made entirely for you. Actually no. That would be a shocker, especially when we are counting it on our list of the best streaming sites. Ekta Kapoor with Alt Balaji has extended her arms and creativity towards the modern generation who have a different taste.

Now, let’s get to the point. What do we get? For one, No saas-bahu drama but a lot of other dramas for sure. Alt Balaji doesn’t boast of unlimited content like other platforms, it rather has a limited collection of web series produced by Balaji Telefilms and a depressing number of movies, all from the same production house.

But then, why is Alt Balaji listed amongst the Best Streaming sites then? The kind of content that Alt Balaji has been producing in the web series genre has impressed the audience. Meant for a mature audience, the app has proven to be a breath of fresh air with hand-picked stories told by some of the best actors on the silver screen.

Though Indian content could be considered as one of its limitations when comparing Alt Balaji with the other OTT platforms mentioned in the list, the app gets an edge above others with its global reach.


  • Regional Content
  • Curated Content
  • New content updated regularly
  • Worldwide Access
  • Cheap


  • No English Content
  • Bad movie collection
  • Content limited to one production house
  • No news and Sports
  • Language Limitation

Popular Web Series(English) – None

Alt Balaji Popular Web Series(Indian) – Haq Se, Hum, Kehne ko Humsafar Hain, Dev DD, Broken, Dil hi to hai, Cold Lassi Aur Chicken Masala, Baarish, Gandi Baat, etc.

Alt Balaji movies – LSD, Shootout at Wadala, Koi Aap Sa, Shootout at Lokhandwala, Kuch toh hai, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, Lootera, etc. 

Plan Range- Rs. 100/3mo (Rs. 34/month)

USP– Quality Indian web series

Though we are done with listing the 12 Best Streaming Sites, there may be other OTT platforms in your mind. For your information, it is natural. Following the current trend, many OTT platforms are coming up in the market and their rankings are highly dependent on the content they provide and how well they are accepted by the audience which may vary from time to time. For now, we have the above list of 12 names.

Best Streaming Services

Sl. no.Streaming SitesCountriesPrice/moSpecialty
1NetflixWorldwideRs. 199/$12.99Curated Content, Regional Content, Pricey
2Amazon Prime VideoWorldwideRs. 129/$13Huge Library, Latest Releases, Regional Content, competitive price
3Hotstar India, US, UK, Canada, Rs. 299/$9.99Multiple channels, expensive(in India)
4Disney+US$6.99Animation, Super Heroes, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Geographical Limitation, Cheap
5HBO NowUS$14.99Quality Content, Geographical Limitation, Competitive Price
6YouTube PremiumWorldwideRs. 129/$11.99Variety and Quantity, Competitive Price
7HuluUS$5.99Variety, Live TV, Geographical Limitation, Cheap
8Sony CrackleUSFreeGreat collection, Geographical Limitation, Free
9PopcornflixUSFreeGreat collection, Geographical Limitation, Free
10TubiUS, UK, Canada, AustraliaFreeGreat collection, Geographical Limitation, Free
11ViuAsiaRs. 99Korean Drama, Geographical Limitation, Indian Originals
12Alt BalajiWorldwideRs. 34 Indian Quality Content, Language Limitation, Cheap

So, let’s explore the world of alternatives to these pirated movies website to watch the latest videos: –

Final Verdict

After discussing and rediscussing almost everything there is to discuss on the best streaming sites, we are ready with our final verdict and we hope so, are you. One of the major points of consideration on which depends your entire decision is your location and choice apart from your budget of course. Netflix and Amazon Prime have been rated at the top of the list of Best Streaming Sites for a reason. 

But our recommendation or rather say suggestion would be Combine. If you are based in the US, utilizing the free collection of OTT platforms like Tubi, Popcornflix and Sony Crackle become a default choice. But outside the US, that may not be an option. Based on your taste, buy more than one subscription plan. Choosing one from the top 3 best-streaming sites (if not all), i.e., Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Hotstar and the other from the options below. 

There are Some Other Streaming Services That we Did not Put on top but they too have a Significant Customer Base.

Services Such as –

Box TV

Box one of the premium websites where you can see both Bollywood and Hollywood movies. However, watching or you can say steaming videos on Box is always an exciting activity.

Moreover, you can also ask the admin of the website to upload Google drive link of any of the latest movie which you want to see. But, overall, the experience of watching movies or using this Box is quite perfect.


It is the Walmart owned website that rents the digital copy of the latest movies and TV shows online. Unlike all other paid sites it is also subscription-based. However, it also allows the individual to rent episodes, movies, shows, or even the entire season.

Vudu does not desire any kind of monthly subscription fees and the user needs to pay for every TV show or movie they want to rent or watch. The rentals can range from 5.99$ to .99$ and purchase price can range from 24.99$ to 4.99$.

Watch Movies Online

On the internet, there are dozens of Pirated movie websites that are Doing Piracy to deliver the latest movies and serials. But it is obvious to say that you cannot trust every site. People every now and then want to see the latest movies and for the same pirated movie websites tops the list means these things help sites to be on the top.

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In addition to that, if you talk about the media and entertainment industry, they really don’t like it when people see their latest movies via pirated movie websites. These websites show every latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies just after release. Due to which producers have to face lots of loss as people will not go to theatres to watch movies. And no doubt these pirated sites are earning considerable revenue just because people like and use them.

We Encourage Watching Movies Online With Best streaming Services. Please share Us & Spread the Word On How to Stop the Piracy & Save Jobs & Entertainment Industry.

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