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Before Reading the Post keep in Mind that  Movie Ticket in India may Cost You 180-400 INR Depending on the Movie theater However Hopefully after reading this Post you may Say No Piracy Forever 

Servey We Did

An Online Internal survey done by Provides information Proving that it’s not Worth the Time & effort Downloading pirated content. to Know This We Performed a Test for Educational Purposes Here is How Test Went Down – 

piracy servey

We Took 2 Groups of People & Both Groups had 10 members each. To Make it Easy We gave them Names

Team Mark – This Team Members had Great Knowledge of the Internet. They Are well aware of Dangers online & they Know How to Download content from Online really fast. They are Good at finding & downloading content online.

Team Josef – this Team contains Normal People Who use the internet for Daily stuff Like youtube, email, Music, banking & they also download movies Online.

We gave them New Computers  Loaded With Multiple Browsers & No Antivirus Protection. Now We Provided them a Random Movie name that was Released Like 15 days ago & asked them to download the movie from the internet While we Were Monitor the results with monitoring software. The results Were eyeopener  – 

Team Mark Results – 

The team mark did spend Average 20 Minutes Visited Average 40 websites (Including Redirects) to download that movie. Now when we checked their computer We Found Almost 5 Types of Questionable Files that could be categorized as Virus & Junks in their computer. Not to mention annoying Cookies & card asking Websites. The Movie Videos Quality was not Good & reaction was Not Happy.

Team Josef Results – 

Now, this Group of Normal Joe had different Kinds of Results Like they Spent an average of 55 Minutes of hard internet surfing & Visited Almost 195 Domains (Including Redirects) to download the movie. When we checked the system they had Almost 15 Types of Questionable Files that’s harmful. They got a lot of Pop-ups & Warnings msgs to Download software & do Stuff that they were not comfortable doing. Half of the members were not able to download the movie but their computers were in an alarming state.

After detailed analysis, we have gathered details that may Help anyone Addicted to Piracy to Get rid of this Bad Habit- 

Junks You download – 

You may have noticed Whenever you try to download a movie from the Internet from an Untrusted Website You may experience Unlimited Amount of Pop-Ups, Ads, Warnings They may ask you to download the software Or Harmful Files to Your computer. You may Also experience Crazy amount of Website Redirects that may take you to Multiple websites in few seconds & that may download the Unwanted Spyware Or Malware to your system. Remember that these Suspicious Files may Try to download malware or Try to steal your financial information Not to Mention Privacy Violation Or Slow Performance Problem With Your Computer Or Phone. So Next Time Think Twice Before Downloading Or Watching Movies Online.

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Waste of Time – 

waste of time

Why Waste Hours Trying to Find a Low-Quality Illegal Movie Copy Online When you watch The Movie By Going to a Movie Theater Or You can Find Low-Cost Streaming services such as Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix, Hotstar, Hulu, Youtube, Etc. Please Sign Up With One of these services & Enjoy High-Quality entertainment Legally. Most of these Streaming services Offer Free Trial Periods For 15-30 days So Go Figure  

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People You Hurt – 

Understand that Every Movie, Video Song Or Music Content is Created With the Help of thousand of People Who put tremendous Amount of Work & Effort to Make a Movie for Entertainment. Every Time a Movie is Leaked Or Pirated it cost Movie Producers & sponsors a Huge amount of Money that could Cut Down Movie Productions & Jobs in the Film Industry. People Who Have Less Money & really depend on medium Income Jobs Like Hundreds of thousands of Crue Workers, Makeup Artists, Junior Actors, Car Drivers,, Food Suppliers, Prop Makers, Stuntmasters, Videos Editing & Sound Making Team. Celebrities get their carrier Crushed Because of Piracy Because Producer lost the money & Production house is in a loss that makes Producers to not invest in movie making.If you Believe in Good Karma Then its the Time you start earning Good karma by respecting the art & creativity of Movie Makers. Buy a Movie Ticket Today.& Go out to have fun.

A Massage From Vidya Balan May change your Mind-

Know-How Millions of Job Movie Industry Creates

Legal Liability – 

Downloading, sharing  & using Copyright Protected content falls under Law Violation & you could get Some Jail time for it. In India & Other countries, there are strict laws in place to stop the Piracy However Some People take it Lightly & they risk their responsibility as a Good Citizen. We Urge Anyone Reading this Post Please Avoid using Any Pirated Content Or Movies. Know Your Options to

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No Physical Activity – 

Instead of sitting hours trying to download a pirated copy of the movie Please Go Outside with Friends & family for Outing & Have Fun. The outing is Good for your mental & physical health. Feel the Big Screen & Crowd Whistle While watching the moving that makes the experience more entertaining.

I Hope All this Would Help you Understand the severe Results of Piracy so that End Here is a Massage for all of our readers.

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